Has your child ever told you they want to be a famous singer one day?
Or do they sing every where they go, and you want to help them learn to control their voice, hit high or low notes, or simply just have fun and learn how to sing?
Check out the below student options to find a learning style the fits your child best.


Exclusive private lessons are held with Jenelle at JRS Studios in Yangebup. Lesson lengths are 30 minutes or 45 minutes for Masterclasses and audition preparation.
Private sessions are available for all ages and abilities.
Availability is limited due to demand.

We are currently at capacity.

Click on the link below to be added to our waitlist.


Does your child just want to sing, and improve their vocal abilities? Or perhaps is thinking about learning to sing and wouldn’t mind giving it a go!

Jenelle Russo Studio Group Singing Classes are designed to nurture, build confidence, learn vocal technique, and have fun.

Our focus is on singing and vocal technique, whilst nurturing confidence. The class program encompasses Jenelle’s own singing and vocal method.

  • Focus on developing their singing and vocal technique, whilst building confidence in a safe group setting.
  • Classes are run by staff trained in Jenelle Russo’s singing method, and follow a term to term curriculum.
  • Classes are 45 minutes, held on Monday Afternoons.
  • South of the River – The HUB 6163, 1 Starling St, Hamilton Hill.
  • Classes are kept small.
  • Primary School Age Classes: Monday 3.45pm – 4.30pm
  • High School Age Classes: Monday 4.35pm – 5.20pm


Jenelle Russo Studio offers Private and Group lessons to students from St Jerome’s in Lake Coogee, Christ the King in Beaconsfield and Queen of Apostles in Riverton.

If your child is a student at either of these schools and they would like singing lessons, then please click on the schools link.


If you are thinking of joining us as a new or returning JRS student, but you have some questions you would like to discuss first, please click the ‘ENQUIRE’ button to fill out your contact details along with a quick message and we will be in touch to assist.